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Monkey Business: GIFs for Slackers


Creative direction, production, keyword research & planning, implementation

The Checkmate team loves using GIFs to communicate with each other and their clients in their Slack channels. Through their frequent GIF usage, they realized that the quality of GIFs related to startups, software development, and general office life was lacking.

Checkmate wanted to reach their ideal customer persona - startups. As a startup themselves, and from their customer personas, they knew their ideal clients were Slack users. Even more so, frequent GIF users on Slack. GIFs were an obvious choice to engage their preferred audience in a unique way, with a communication tool that their audience frequently uses. We embodied with “monkey business”. Corporate Gorillas monkeying around at the office instead of getting any real work done.

We worked with Checkmate to identify keywords that have high search volumes, crappy GIF results, and showed a promising opportunity to create content specifically targeted to rank for those keywords to maximize engagement.

With keywords related to technology, startups, and “work”. We set out to create an entertaining content that referenced all the “monkey business” that goes on working at a tech startup. What better way to embody this than to dress up in gorilla suits, put on neckties, and monkey around the office.

                                                                                             Walking late into a meeting like

                                                                                                         "Pull Request"
                                                                 When you really don't want to go to another pointless meeting

                                                                                                        "Code Monkey"
                                                              Please don't refer to the engineers as such, they don't appreciate it

                                                                                                       When 5 o'clock hits

                                                                                                        "Squash (Bugs)"

                                                                            Bananas were injured during creation of these GIFs*
                                                                                   *All bananas were responsibly composted

                                                                              What we think a gorilla would keep at their desk
                                                                                       "Remember what you're working for"

                                                                                                             "Break time"


After 3 months, the series of 15 GIFs has pulled in over 13 million views, averaging over 3 million views per month and counting. The popularity of the GIFs shows no signs of slowing down as monthly views has continued to climb since they were uploaded to Giphy. Collectively the GIFs are ranking in the top 10 of search results for 5 keywords, and in the top 25 for 15 keywords

On Tenor the collective series of GIFs have been shared over 5,000 times.


Creative Direction: Steve Rado

Production: Matt Jasinski

Gorilla 1: Robert Crowdis

Gorilla 2: Tom Nassr

Copyright @ 2019,  All rights reserved
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